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Cook Bios

Auntie Loo's Treats is a small vegan bakery in Ottawa, Ontario.
 Ms. Loo learned to cook at the knees of her family members, and the majority of what she produces are these very recipes - veganized!

B. Goods Cookies is an Ottawa bakery that supplies cookies fresh daily to stores, cafes, and shops.

Founded in 2002 by Erin Clatney, DISH is a reflection of her love for seasonal local food, the process of preparing it, and the artistic beauty of presentation.

Chef Glen "Skip" Sansome specializes in seafood, combining French cusine with a Newfoundland twist, at Ottawa's Petit Bill's Bistro.

From intimate dinners to large scale events, Essence Catering offers a daring menu, local or exotic, always created and beautifully presented with expert hands.

Aaron Laforest and Derrick Cvitkovich are the co-owners of The Holy Grill in Daegu, South Korea.

Jennifer Heagle and Jo-Ann Laerty operate The Red Apron, a meal service catering company that specializes in fresh, wholesome, well prepared food.

Wendy vanVelthoven is a baker and one of the co-owners of Thimble Cakes bakery in Ottawa.