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Wendy vanVelthoven, Thimble Cakes

Wendy vanVelthoven is a baker and one of the co-owners of Thimble Cakes bakery in Ottawa. Thimble Cakes is a nut-free bakery that also offers gluten-free cakes, egg/dairy-free cakes, sugar-free cakes and, of course, traditional filled-with-butter cakes available daily! They buy local and organic as much as possible, compost, recycle and use environmentally-friendly papers and cleaning products. They host a monthly charity day where proceeds go to a local animal rescue shelter, and they welcome opportunities to partner with charities for fundraisers. Thimble Cakes does all this without sacrificing quality, deliciousness or customer service.

We are happy they shared their Chocolate Stout Cupcake recipe with us!