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The People Behind Sweet Tarts Takeaway

One of the best things about working in film/video is the collective nature of the project. From acting to music to lighting to web site development, it is impossible for one person to do everything. Sweet Tarts Takeway is fortunate to have so many talented people whose contributions have helped make a simple idea a reality.
Get to know the talented actors who bring the Sweet Tarts characters to life — where you saw them in the past, where you can watch them now, and where you might see them in the future. They are more than just pretty faces. Really!

Read about the creative people who work behind the scenes on the show. They write! They direct! They light! They record audio! They slate! They talk about camera lenses!

They may not be on set, but we value their skills. Music, animation, sound editing, web development and more! All those extra layers that polish a show and make it sparkle.

Delicious stories about the talented cooks who have shared their recipes with Sweet Tarts fans.