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About Sweet Tarts Takeaway

Sweet Tarts Takeaway is a web series about Sue and Janis, two thirty-something caterers who run a failing catering operation with great food but bad business sense. When their delivery van gets repossessed, they end up making a deal with the repo man, Bob, to work off the debt by handling more “delicate” repossessions from other women.

Each new episode has an accompanying recipe. Writer/director/producer Bonnie Robinson is the chief cook, but she has many creative sous-chefs helping to mix everything together to produce Sweet Tarts Takeaway.

Principal Characters

Sue (Kate Drummond), the younger of the two women, is passionate about catering. She has finally realized her dream of running her own catering business, and is devastated when the Tarts lose the catering van.

Janis (Kel Parsons) brings a calm, business maturity to the Tarts partnership. Widowed at a young age, she has a 15-year-old son, Curtis. She struggles between the need to let him grow up and her fear of losing him. Janis is someone who has been responsible most of her adult life, but with a suppressed adventurous side that the world of repo allows her to explore.

Dan (Jerome Bourgault) is Sue's ex - a successful bookshop owner and amateur musician. He shares custody of their dog, Jackson, and still desperately misses Sue. Dan makes his first appearance in Episode 2.

Bob (Riley Stewart) is the repo guy. He cultivates an air of mystery, as he frequently goes missing for days at a time. With a tough exterior, Bob does have feelings. He loves what he does, managing his business with his instincts.