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Copyright and usage rights

The Sweet Tarts Takeaway (STT) web episodes and web site, including all materials embedded in it (such as photographs), are copyright © 2011 by YOW! Productions unless otherwise indicated.

OK, now that that's out of the way, we'd like to say that we're thrilled that you enjoyed Sweet Tarts Takeaway so much that you want to do more with it. This web page lets you know what you're allowed to do with our episodes, pictures, and text without having to get permission from us in advance. (And note that these terms apply only to the items that are copyright YOW! -- not for items that have separate copyright terms attached.

  • Most countries have Fair Use laws that give you rights that no one can take away from you, even a copyright holder like us. Fair Use varies from country to country, but generally, it allows you to quote short excerpts of our text or run short clips from our episodes for reviews, research, documentaries, and similar purposes, and sometimes, to make copies for personal (not commercial!) viewing. Nothing here is meant to limit the Fair Use allowed in your jurisdiction — we're just listing things we don't mind you doing even if not automatically allowed where you live.

  • When we (the producers) have uploaded an episode of STT to a public video-sharing service such as YouTube or Vimeo, you are welcome to embed it remotely from that web site into a different web site using an HTML object or iframe element, as long as you meet a few conditions:

    • You don't claim to have a business relationship with us, or claim that we in any way endorse your site or any views expressed on it (you can embed STT on an anti-chocolate site, but you can't pretend that we hate chocolate too).
    • You don't claim that you made the video (that's just not fair!).
    • You don't actually download the video and host your own copy — you must embed it from the service we uploaded it to and let it run from there.
    • You include a notice that the episode is copyright by YOW! Productions, and a clearly-visible link back to our web site, preferably to the episode's actual page.
  • You are welcome to use copies of photographs posted to this web site for journalistic purposes, such as writing a review, a blog about web series, or an article in the New Yorker about how STT represents the last step in the decline of Western Civilization. You must include a credit stating that the photo came from us, and (if online), a link back to our web site. You may not use the photos for purposes unrelated to STT — we know our actors are beautiful enough to be models, but if you want to use their faces to sell your restaurant or office software, they'd like to be paid as models.

  • You are welcome to quote short excerpts of text from this web site for any work that legitimately discusses STT. You may not copy all of the text from a page into a link farm web site trolling for Google hits, or your first-year Communications essay. Seriously, writers aren't expensive — buy your own.

  • You are welcome to include examples of STT branding, such as our name, logo, and slogan in works about STT, as long as you make it clear that the branding belongs to us. It's OK to print a picture of the STT logo beside a newspaper story about us, but not to use our logo as your newspaper's banner (the cost in colour ink alone would make that a bad idea anyway).

In other words, we want to be fair to you, and we'd like you to be fair back. We like you — you're our audience, after all. If you want to do anything you don't see here, and it's not covered by Fair Use laws in your jurisdiction, send us a note on the contact page and we'll get back to you — we're nice. Really.