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Episode 8: Our Song

A delicious web series about two women who take up repo to keep their catering business afloat. First time visitor? Start with Episode 1.

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Sue and Janis are catering their latest gig when Bob appears, acting mysterious. After Sue leaves to hear Dan’s band play a gig, Janis gets drawn into Bob’s latest repo, potentially jeopardizing her future, both professionally and personally.

This episode's recipe is Cod Tongue Croquettes.

Notes From the Set

In some ways this should have been one of the least complicated shoots for any of the episodes, since we required only three locations: The Carleton Tavern, Cube Gallery and Janis's house. However, the bar and gallery scenes required extras - lots of extras - which increases the complexity of a shoot, simply because you are trying to manage a lot more people, most of whom are just going to sit around bored until we actually need them on set.

We had an excellent group of family, neighbours, friends and friends of friends who came out to help us. Those playing the bar patrons on Friday sat in a separate room, noshing on snack food for about two hours, listening to Jerome (Dan) singing a song repeatedly. To make matters worse, the song, The Mountain and the Stream (written by Emma Robinson) was created to be terrible on purpose, and Jerome was told to sing it rather poorly. Needless to say, the reaction shots, of dismay and pain, from the extras, did not require much acting. :-)

Cube Gallery owner Don Monet not only allowed us to shoot in the gallery a few days later, he also ensured that we had permission to show the art of Sam Vainola whose works were being exhibited at the time of our shoot. Watch for some of Don's art in the scenes in the kitchen.

Our gallery extras were wonderful. With so many people, everyone was quite warm on that summer evening, and probably bored during the times they had to remain quiet. It was great to have so many people dressed up in their finery, and we are grateful to everyone who showed up.

Once again, a great cast and crew allowed us to get all of the scenes we required in a short amount of time. Many of us think Episode 8 is our favourite so far!

Special thanks to William Gill, a Newfoundland artist, whose statue plays a pivotal role in the episode.