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Sam Vainola

Born in England, Sam Vainola is a Canadian artist now based in Ottawa.

Vainola is a prolific maker of existential things. He assembles, tinkers, creates and paints messages to the world in a near-manic manner. His works are very theatrical in that they are dependant on a narrative and look almost like maquettes for the set of a dada play -- perhaps "Pere Ubu" or "Waiting for Godot." While his works seem random and brutal in some ways – they are always constructed with an exactness and a care. Lines are sharp, colourfields razor perfect. His oeuvre taken as a whole is a sincere dialogue with the outside world. Discussions of matters of importance; from the scientific realms of deep space to matters of love and the solitary heart.

For the past 25 years, Vainola has worked in a wide variety of media. His works have been exhibited in Montreal, Toronto and Los Angeles. Drawing upon his extensive experience as a painter of both representational and non-representational subject matter, the artist has recently been producing innovative work in digital media and assemblage.

Vainola studied at the influential Toronto art school Artsake Inc., the Ontario College of Art and Design and the Montreal Museum School of Art and Design.

Vainola's art appears on the walls of the gallery in Episode 8. You can visit him online at his web site.

-biography courtesy Cube Gallery