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Episode 3: Good Vibrations

A delicious web series about two women who take up repo to keep their catering business afloat. First time visitor? Start with Episode 1.

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Repo may be for naught(y) as the Tarts go undercover at a sex shop.

This episode's recipe is Vegan Fudge Brownies.

Notes From the Set

This was a truly fun episode to shoot. There was a lot of laughter and double entendres while setting up shots. (And most memorable was the moment at the end of the day, when Bonnie had to hold the vibrator in order to record "room tone" with the vibe actually running. Watch.)When written, we had envisioned a "sleazier" sex shop location, but when someone put me in touch with the staff at Venus Envy as a possible place to shoot, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. The staff were fabulous, allowing us to shoot before and after Sunday store hours. Venus Envy provides a comfortable, safe place for customers to explore their sexuality. When you first walk in, it looks like a simple bookstore ... until you notice the book titles, and the sexual paraphernalia on the walls.

Kate and Kel were immediately drawn to the props, but not everyone wanted to hear Kate's explanation of how some of the devices were used. I was fortunate to find two very tolerant sets of parents who were willing to let their sons (Russell N. and Jack Terrion) play the young boys who stumble into the store. They are both extremely kind and helpful young men, so I certainly hope this stint of acting didn't corrupt them.

Since Venus Envy doesn't tend to carry "novelty" sex gifts, I had to go down the street to Wicked Wanda's, a few days before the shoot to purchase a few boxes of "edible underwear". Wanda was a great help, and gave us permission to shoot the scenes where the Tarts leave via the backdoor - Venus Envy did not have an industrial-style delivery door at their location.

Lelo gave us permission to show their vibrators on screen, particularly one which plays a more prominent role in the next episode. As the day of shooting neared its close, Kel asked approximately when we would be done shooting. When we told her the time, she replied "Oh good, I can still make Mass. Last-Chance Mass."

That was an awesome episode!


Is it just by chance that you happen to have so many sex experts performing in this episode or was that "planned" casting?


Hi, Ken!
We really had only one sex expert in this episode, and that was Nadine. It was coincidence that she ended up appearing in the episode, though. I had contacted her through a friend about shooting at Venus Envy, and later found out that she was also an actor. However, by the end of the shoot, I think we had all, if not become experts, improved our sex education. :-)