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Episode 7: Zen's the Breaks

A delicious web series about two women who take up repo to keep their catering business afloat. First time visitor? Start with Episode 1.

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Find out what happens next, watch Episode 8.


The Tarts bring Bob on board to help nab the yoga fountain, and Sue learns a surprising secret about Dan.

This episode's recipe is Chocolate Chili Cookies.

Notes From the Set

We shot this episode as part of the weekend shoot in February 2011 that brought us Episode 5 and Episode 6. Writing this on the first day of September, it's hard to believe how long ago we worked on Episode 7, and how much has happened since.

We were fortunate to have the use of two excellent commercial places for this episode: Books on Beechwood and the Iyengar Yoga Centre. Staff at both locations allowed us to shoot there during off-hours, and were so kind and helpful (at Books on Beechwood, we had an early-morning start at 7:30 am). Staff at the yoga centre not only volunteered as extras, but gave pointers to the actors on how to approximate the poses, and were particularly helpful to Rachelle who had never studied yoga, yet had to be a convincing instructor, correcting her class of actors in a believable manner.

It was during the shooting of this episode that I realized what exceptionally talented comic actors our leads are. Riley, Kel and Kate riffed and improvised much of the heist scene in the yoga studio, and many of us in the crew struggled not to laugh during each take, in what turned out to be a crazily hilarious bit of slapstick humour. In a quieter vein, Jerome and Riley had spectacular chemistry and comic timing in the scene when Dan meets Bob. Hilarious and uncomfortable.

And once again, we made use of one of Tyler Kealey's songs. And keep an ear open during the yoga montage, where composer Riley Stewart gives an Eastern twist to the Sweet Tarts' theme.

We hope you enjoy the episode!


Hi Sweet Tarts gang!

Just wanted to let you know that we watched the episode on CBC and LOVED it! What a great cast and funny concept! We'll be watching for sure. When's your next episode coming out? Looking forward to a new recipe to add to my collection.


Glad you enjoyed the episode. We are finished our first season of 8 web episodes and hope to have new episodes in the next few months.

We loved the elephant stampede ;)

your old neighbours temporarily in Kingston!

I'm still laughing.... a great episode AGAIN! I can't wait til the next one... I'm getting hooked.

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. We had so much fun shooting it.