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Episode 4: The Shape of Things to Come

A delicious web series about two women who take up repo to keep their catering business afloat. First time visitor? Start with Episode 1.

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Thanks for making STT a finalist in the Audience Choice Award at the New Media Film Festival!
UPDATE: We didn't win, but thanks to everyone who voted for us!


With Bob mysteriously AWOL, Sue has some explaining to do when Dan discovers the sexy stash from her latest repo assignment.

This episode's recipe is Mango Bisque with Pappadom and Curry Chicken "Soup Shooter".

Want another helping? There's always Episode 5.

Notes From the Set

This is one of the shortest episodes so far, and the one with the fewest cast members. We had a small crew as well, so we were able to shoot a lot in a short period of time. One would think it would be the least-complicated to shoot, and it was as far as set (most of it takes place in one location) and technical aspects (no complicated heists or chase scenes). We managed to grab the scenes at Bob's office and outside near the car the day when we shot the bulk of Episode 3. But for the scenes at Sue's house, we were under a severe time constraint, as Jerome and Kel were both in a play at the time, and had a matinee performance at 2:00. They had to leave the Sweet Tarts set by 1:00.

So, we started shooting at 7:30 AM. Things went relatively smoothly, but we still had a lot of material to cover as our deadline approached. With some creative scheduling (we shot most of Kate's close ups after Jerome had left), we managed to just get what we needed before the deadline. We grabbed Kate's close ups after (you will notice that in the scene when she and Dan chat at the couch, she is in Dan's shots, but Jerome does not appear in hers). I am always impressed by how professional our STT's actors are, and that they are just able to deliver such high quality performances, sometimes under less-than-ideal circumstances. And the crew is marvellously adaptable and skilled. What a great team!


Yes, undoubledly Kate is wonderful... but back home in Ottawa I watch the show with my dog Lexi, and Kate's dog Jackson is her favorite......Lexi wants to know why Jackson doesn't get more air time?!

We both really like the starting theme music too!

Great job everybody!

George from Shetland Park

Well, we all love Jackson too, and he is a great dog! We like that Dan and Sue share custody of their dog ... it keeps them connected. But boy, is it difficult to shoot with a dog on set, even one as lovable and obedient as Jackson! Rest assured, though, he will appear again before the end of the season!

Just caught my first episode of Sweet-Tarts (Sorry Kate, but Rogers has been after me about using more band-width than I'm supposed to, so I'm trying to conserve my time on the internet. We two do know all about Rogers now, don't we? ....Groan.)

Hands down, there's only one true star here in my view! [And she used to live in Kanata- Bridlewood disguised as a school teacher. And a great neighbour too. Go figure!]

Really though, and I really hope Kate gets this message, there really is only one star here...and she's it. Absolutely, and unequivocately, she outshines every other actor in this web series. And of course because her own four-legged friend Jax appears in a couple of frames, his fans (Lucy the Chocolate Lab, anyway) are hoping to see him again - perhaps he might even be given a line, or even a bark or two, sometime in the near future.

Continue watching really are seeing a star in the making. Our Katie is one to watch for sure!


Hey there Stuart,
I just saw your message and thank you for the very flattering compliment.... the best thing is, that each member of the Sweet Tarts team brings something fabulous and unique to the show.... it truly is a blessing to work on such a fantastic production!
Thanks for supporting Sweet Tarts and please pass it on to your friends!
Jackson is presently seeking representation and is looking to attain his ACTRA card ;)

Looked like fun. I would love to see more story in the episode, but it takes s much time to get just that much done, and done well!


Thanks for the comment. As the series moves forward we hope the stories will be stronger and more compelling.

What an awesome and most uncomfortable ending Bonnie. Well done.

I forgot to change my name from Anonymous to Amber...oops. :)