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Episode 2: The Ring's the Thing

A delicious web series about two women who take up repo to keep their catering business afloat. First time visitor? Start with Episode 1.

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Bob goes ballistic when Janis brings him the repossessed ring, while Sue has an awkward encounter with her ex, Dan, with whom she shares custody of Jackson, the dog.

This episode's recipe is Lavender Shortbread.

Notes From the Set

Once again, most of the scenes from this episode were shot over two days. One of our actor friends generously donated the house that serves as Sue's - check out the awesome kitchen in this episode.

The kitchen scenes were the very first STT scenes we shot. Kate, who is such a delightfully positive and enthusiastic person, brought her own cookbook, and wondered if it was okay to wear her late grandmother's apron for the shot. I thought it was an excellent idea, and love the bright colour that "Gramma Franz's" apron adds to the scene.

For the kitchen scenes, we wanted a montage of different shots of Sue making cookies. Our host allowed us to use some very colourful cookware that made the shots pop. We had extra eggs on hand for the egg cracking scene. Unfortunately, the cookies we made weren't the real thing. We just sliced some pre-made dough onto cookie sheets and popped them in the oven.

When on set, you can't always anticipate what shots are going to cause you grief. Andrew and I had worked on several projects before STT, and one of our "signature" shots had become the "camera behind a door" shot. We have had a camera in a cupboard, a recycling box and a refrigerator, so we decided to try putting it in the oven, to get a shot of Sue as she opens the door to put the cookies in.

It's a great shot, but it took us over 30 minutes to get. With the camera and lens resting on the rack, there wasn't enough room for the cookie sheet inside the oven AND still close the oven door. We tried many configurations, including folding numerous tea towels under the camera to raise it. In the end, we decided we would edit it so that Sue is closing the door, then cut to a different shot before she actually closes it.

Once again, the interior of Bob's "messy" office was courtesy of James at Third Wall Theatre.

Made with the Generous Support of ACTRA.

really loved the editing in this episode. Also, whose dog is that and would you please pass them my business card? What a love. Thx again for the fun, Barb


Hi, Barb!
Jackson is Kate's baby. You can read more about him in the cast section of "The People Behind Sweet Tarts Takeaway" under "Read". Glad you are enjoying the show!

So, it's Kate here (Sue!) and I just invited my favourite Canadian artist of all time, Jann Arden, to visit Sweet Tarts Takeaway! I really think she'd love it.... it's fresh, freaky and fun like her..... C'mon Jann! Lots of thanks and love to the Sweet Tarts supporters!