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The original Sweet Tarts Takeaway promotional trailer.

The Tarts’ attempt to get their catering van back from Bob the Repo Man unexpectedly leads to a confrontation with a hostile trophy wife and her expensive bauble.

Bob goes ballistic when Janis brings him the repossessed ring, while Sue has an awkward encounter with her ex, Dan, with whom she shares custody of Jackson, the dog.

Repo may be for naught(y) as the Tarts go undercover at a sex shop.

With Bob mysteriously AWOL, Sue has some explaining to do when Dan discovers the sexy stash from her latest repo assignment.

Janis frets over the whereabouts of her 15-year-old son, Curtis. Sue frets about repo taking over from catering. Bob returns, even more mysterious than when he left.

Things are not so Zen when the Tarts try to repossess a meditation fountain from a yoga studio, and they return to Sue's place to find Dan removing the last of his belongings.

The Tarts bring Bob on board to help nab the yoga fountain, and Sue learns a surprising secret about Dan.

Sue and Janis are catering their latest gig when Bob appears, acting mysterious. After Sue leaves to hear Dan’s band play a gig, Janis gets drawn into Bob’s latest repo, potentially jeopardizing her future, both professionally and personally.