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Episode 1: Like Taking Candy From a Baby

A delicious web series about two women who take up repo to keep their catering business afloat. More about the series. Don't miss a single episode: follow us on Twitter (@tarttweets) for updates and notifications.

Want seconds? There's always Episode 2.


The Tarts’ attempt to get their catering van back from Bob the Repo Man unexpectedly leads to a confrontation with a hostile trophy wife and her expensive bauble.

This episode's recipe is Apple Cranberry Granola.

Notes From the Set

We shot this episode over two days, with the gym and sauna sequences one day, and the office sequences (for this episode and episode two) on another day. Despite the best planning, we had a last-minute location glitch, when we discovered, only 24 hours before we were set to shoot, that the gym/sauna we had hoped to use had to cancel. ARGH! A mad scramble (and some tears of frustration) followed, before we were lucky enough to be helped by Chinook Hot Tubs and Saunas and Glebe Fitness. It meant more travel time between locations, but in the end the overall look was perfect!

Parkdale Mini Storage (home of one of the oldest freight elevators in Ottawa, and we LOVED that elevator) provided a most excellent location for Bob's office building, while the "messy" office was courtesy of James at Third Wall Theatre.

Made with the Generous Support of ACTRA.

Really enjoyed the fun, Bonnie, and it's so cool since I know you and have met some of the actors. Looking forward to looking at more. You are a talent. ,Barb

I loved it! So excited for the next one!


Finally got the chance to catch the inaugural webisode and I LOVED IT!! You've got me hooked...

Randy D.

You've captured my interest. Looking forward to future episodes!


The first one is in the bag and I loved it, well done all around. I just can't wait to see the next episode and what he gets you to repo next.

Scott Watson Ottawa

Bonnie. Yes a great intro to what appears to be compelling characters. Now I really, really want to know more about Janis and Sue, women who would steal and run into the street in only a bath towel and yet squeal with delight about the continuing improvement of a granola recipe (love how you got that in). Congratulations. Mike Levin

Loved the show. good luck in the coming weeks - i will be there...

I got a laugh out loud chuckle. Thanks! I'll be back next Monday.

Hi Bonnie,

David just gave me your website to check out, and I really liked this first episode. I'm looking forward to see the rest!

Greetings from the Netherlands!


I really liked it Bonnie! I've sent the site to some other people so I'm hoping they will enjoy it as I did.
I certainly will be tuning in every week, put it on my calendar!
Heather H.

This was really great! Can't wait for next episode!

Thanks so much for dropping by the web site! I look forward to seeing comments, to know what you think about the show and the site.

I love it!