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Producer's Note: Building an Audience

Life has been busy the past few weeks for us at Sweet Tarts Takeaway. I was on holiday in London, England during March, on a much-needed vacation. Saw a lot of wonderful sites, ate a lot of wonderful food, and dropped off some promotional material for STT.

After 9 days of spring weather, seeing daffodils and magnolias in full bloom, I was quite disappointed to return to Ottawa IN A SNOW STORM. Sure, the snow melted the next day, but still ... SNOW!! After recovering from this shock (and jet lag), it was full-steam ahead with STT, and I have been working pretty hard ever since.

So, where does that leave us? We are still editing Episode 5, and will upload it as soon as it is ready. The footage from episodes 6 and 7 are on the computer, just waiting to be edited. We have recipes for the next 4 episodes, as more and more caterers and restaurants come on board with the show. And we are writing the next three episodes, with the plan of shooting them sometime in May.

At the same time, we would like to build up our audience. We are absolutely delighted with our very loyal viewers, and the supportive comments and e-mails we receive. We are working tirelessly to promote the show, including entering a few film festivals with "web series" categories, to encourage more people to watch and take notice.

If you like STT, please tell everyone you know, and encourage them to watch!