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Producer's Note: Where is Episode 4?

Well, Monday came and went without posting a new episode, and I have to say, while planned, it was a bit depressing.

I had been pretty focussed up until the last week of February. Finalizing an episode each week, preparing content like recipes and blogs, dealing with media interviews and the daily tasks of producing a web series (and the non-business aspects of a busy life). I literally had had only half a day here or there where I could actually "relax". (I put the word in quotation marks, since for me, relaxing usually means madly cleaning the house and getting caught up on things I've let slide).

After taking some time to reflect, I realized I needed to slow down a bit before I burned out. We have been thrilled with the excellent response to STT, and our devoted fans, and we are going to keep on bringing you more of the Tarts' adventures. As I write this, we are working on the sound mix for Episode 4. We will start to cut episodes 5-7 together, and I plan to write and shoot at least episodes 8-9 within the next month.

We think STT is pretty special, and clearly a lot of you do too. We want to work on building up our audience, and making STT a global phenomenon. (Okay, we'll be happy with a lot more viewers, no matter where they are from.) To that end, we are working on both content and promotion now ... which means we need to take a bit more time between episode releases.

We hope you will continue to watch/cook/read, and please tell your friends about us! If you know any bloggers or media types, tell them as well. Consider following us on Twitter (@tarttweets) to get updates and notifications, and don't forget to drop by the web site. We hope to launch some contests within the next month.

Coming up - 22 March - Episode 4: The Shape of Things to Come

With Bob mysteriously AWOL, Sue has some explaining to do when Dan discovers the sexy stash from her latest repo assignment.

In Episode 5, we will meet Janis's son Curtis. In Episodes 6&7, the Tarts will have a new assignment, but is it for catering, repo, or both?


Some stills from our most recent shoot:

I cannot wait!!! The best things in life ARE worth waiting for, aren't they!

Yes, indeed, they are. And thanks for your comment!