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UnFolding Arts Coverage

After three interviews over a one-month period, Mike Levin, at UnFolding Arts in Ottawa, published this piece. Levin is very interested in the process of making art, and he asked some very challenging questions about STT.

UnFolding is a Web magazine about the arts in Ottawa. UnFolding speaks to artists in every discipline, whether they spell it with a guitar, with the word Slam or without any words at all. The Website does not focus exclusively on creative product but tries to unveil the creative process, hoping people will be inspired or maybe even see something of themselves in it.

Mike Levin, a journalist for the past 30 years, publishes the site. He started by covering sports for several daily Canadian newspapers before moving to Asia for 12 years where he reported on business for Asian magazines and contributed regularly to The Globe and Mail, Canadian Press, The Financial Post and The New York Daily News, among other North American media. From 1991 to 1996 he was Billboard magazine’s Far East Bureau Chief. Back in Canada he continued writing about the music industry as well as the arts and sciences. In 2007 he started Kitch Art, a journal of creativity in Ottawa that has since UnFolded.