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Cast Member Bios

In addition to working as a summer intern for YOW, Jacob made an appearance in Episode 8 as the guitar player in Dan's band, Wayward Moose.

Calere Boudreau is a local Ottawa artist and musician.

Tess Megginson is an active participant in the Nepean High School drama program. She not only helped to write and direct Nepean's 2010 production of In Pieces, but also acted in it.

Guy is originally from Regina, where he got his start as an actor. After living in Western Canada, including Whitehorse, Yukon for many years, Guy moved to Ottawa and has continued to be a working actor with recent film roles in Smash Cut and Stripped Naked.

Nadine Thornhill is a playwright, an actor, a spoken-word artist, a sex educator and sex columnist.

Élise Gauthier is a bilingual artist who works and performs in both the English and the French theatre communities in Ottawa.

Russell is in high school and has been enjoying the dramatic arts for most of his life.

Jack Terrion is an active member of Nepean High School's drama department.

Heather Archibald is an Ottawa actor who has been performing on stage for over twelve years.